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8.45 AM | February 22, 2022, | Dallas, TX
Sally Carpenter
Sr. Project Coordinator

"Tom, I still have to prepare for my meeting, come on, let's go."

Sally is irate about getting late on a day when it is necessary to be ahead of schedule. After all, has been assigned a project that she has had her eyes on for the last six months. She sits in the driver’s seat and charts the route to the office in her mind. She is almost relieved that her office is around 30-35 minutes away and she would get some time to prepare for the meeting. 

Sally was a little down, today,  if not embarrassed, all the golf shots from the previous evening at the course, made little sense today, a few of them went literally wide into the deep, thick, rough, full of bushes, trees, and God knows what else. Sally was new to it, but she knew that learning works, it had taken her less than a year to get to 2500 hits in baseball. The move to golf was a compromise with Tom, he loved it and she wanted to prove it, yesterday. This new project was going to be a bigger challenge & would need her to learn & adapt much quicker.

In our fifth #makelearninghappen webinar, experts from the industry discussed the effectiveness of online instruction for the new education landscape.

Read on to view the webinar video and listen to the podcast version.

In our fourth #makelearninghappen webinar, experts from the industry discussed the Skill Sets needed for SMEs to survive, stay relevant & thrive in the post-COVID-19 world. 

Read on to view the webinar video and listen to the podcast version.

When you are building a cloud product customer interaction and feedback play a vital role. In order to ensure that a product implementation be a success for our customers you need to invest a lot of time in understanding the customers challenges.

At Vowel we recently onboarded one of India’s top NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Company) on the LMS. With over 2000 employees spread across several branches at several locations with different regional languages, one of the key challenges they were facing was making learning part of their organisation culture.

How high is the cost of an unproductive employee? 

What do you think?

If an employee in your office is unproductive for 3 months, it can cost you a lot, including their lost work hours, loss of efficiency due to the burden put on other employees and loss of brand value & customer satisfaction which an untrained employee can cause.