K12 or college education as a sector has expanded exponentially.
There is a continuous demand for quality education in new domains.

Learning after formal learning hours,
Distance education, Online assignments.

Whether it's traditional education programs or distance Learning Vowel’s features can give an institute an edge over the competition. 

With Vimeo or KPoint backed Video delivery, traditional institutes can expand their scale and reach. Distance learning programs can take their content & syllabus digital by delivering video lectures via webinars and provide content and notes via Vowel’s trackable PDF & PPT lessons. 

Exams both proctored ‘in lab’ exams protected via Safe Exam browser as well as completely online tests and exams can be conducted with ease. Content can be accessed across any device from anywhere in the world.  Ecommerce enablement allows the seamless collection of course fees online. Vowel’s Social learning features facilitate discussions and encourage peer-based learning. 

Vowel can also be utilized by K12 Tuition Classes as well as by competitive exam institutes to deliver content, conduct mock exams and assessments and create a learning community of their students.