Franchising to scale up business has been a successful model
used by a variety of industries. The success of a franchise relies
heavily on the effective implementation of standards, brand values
and quality across locations. Thus training forms a core part
of any franchising operation.

The key aspect for business with Franchise model is being on the same page. And automating training delivery is a must.

Vowel allows centralised content management, delivery & tracking for a myriad of content types - from standards like SCORMs to documents like PDF and PPTs.. Even embeddable web links and YouTube & Vimeo Videos. Vowel is not limited to tracking just elearning. You can track your offline classroom trainings as well as digital and blended  learning all in one place !


Our Addon Agency module also allows you to give access to  your Franchine partners to manage the learning of their own employees by assigning and tracking their performance while you get a centralised view across franchisees.