Learning Happen

Accelerate Learning Delivery

Upload Content In Any Format Documents, Powepoints, Videos Or Animations

Access From A Variety Of Devices Or BYOD. Available On Android And IOS

Get Started On Day Zero With Your Existing Training Content

Power Of Tracking Any Content Type In Any Format

All formats, All Devices

Build a Learning Culture

Organize, Schedule And Report Proactively On Your Ilt Program Management

Make The Most Of Your Training Calendars By Blending Live Sessions With Classroom Programs

Out of the box Integration, Notifications And Reminders which can integrate with your mailing systems as well as chat systems like Slack via Webhooks.

Create Engaging Experiences With Learners Getting Mentors And Coaches In An Environment That Fosters Creativity

Drive learning Efficiency

Reduce Time To Learn And Improve Learning Efficacy With Guided Learning Paths

Ramp Up Or Scale Down To Suit Learning Pace And Style

Make Goals And Objectives An Integral Part Of The Learning Experience

Empower Learners With Learner Centered Milestones

Learning paths, Learning Journeys

Understand Your Learners

Measure, Analyse, Predict And Improve Learning Effectiveness

Measure Key Indicators Of Improvement, Performance And Development

Understand And Improve Learning Effectiveness

Turn Your Learners Into Champions

Analytics & Insights

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