Vowel LMS is packed with features that present compelling reasons to make it your own!

Content Management

Vowel LMS offers an environment for superlative content distribution and tracking. It boasts of some amazing abilities around content creation, content curation, Content libraries, Assignments, and certification.

Track Anything

Now, your eLearning courses no longer need to conform to any standards. If you already have SCORM or TinCan compliant content, great. If not, no worries! Vowel LMS is equally adept at tracking PowerPoint presentations, videos, audio tracks, documents and PDFs. So, whatever you have – just upload and start getting reports.

Author Content on the Fly

All you need is your content – use our easy-to-use, drag & drop HTML5 course builder to create a course in no time! No technical knowledge required!

Reuse Content on the Web

Build courses by re-using Presentations, Videos, and links you already have or by consuming content from web-sources.

Assessments & Quizzes

Use the built-in assessment engine and create assessments and quizzes to check on learner progress. You can even set the criteria you want to track and define the learning next steps based on the outcome.


Set up exercises where learners can submit their assignments. Later, assessors can grade these assignments based on dynamic grading criteria.

Feedback & Surveys

Collect and analyze feedback and survey responses.

Virtual Classroom and Webinars

Integrate tools like Adobe connect to conduct online webinars, events, workshops and give your learners a virtual learning experience. Track time spent and attendance of virtual events.

Classroom Training

Face-to-face is still the most popular way of training in many organizations. While people are adopting online learning, face to face still remains the most popular training delivery method. With Vowel, you can create, manage and even monetize classroom training with essential features like Calendar, Reminders, Venue creation, Training tickets, e-commerce, etc.

Content Library

Be it online training or an Instructor-Led Training Session if you don’t have good content, chances are, you will not succeed in training people.

Blended Learning

Mix eLearning with instructor-led training. Deliver instructor-led training events either in a classroom or via videoconferencing.

Proctoring via Safe Exam Browser

Safe Exam Browser support allows delivering exams in a limited environment so learners are prevented from using other software or visiting web pages.

Social Learning & Gamification

LMS usage depends solely on the engagement factor. To make sure we engage with learners in a meaningful way, Vowel offers excellent Leader boards, Badges and insightful reports.

Personal Profile

Like any other social network, Vowel Social Learning Hub lets you create your own persona. This persona can depict the type of learner profile, interests, communities one is a part of etc. This profile can also display badges and rewards one has to one’s credit

Rich Communication Tools

Support for Personal messages, Calendar and Discussion forums.


Vowel LMS supports gamification - awarding badges of achievement to motivate your learners to achieve more. Integration with social media tools enable learners to share their badges and compete with their peers. Earn brownie points with your learners!


Learners can make friends within an organization and also start sharing their experiences, photos, videos, blogs, weblinks and whatnot. The sharing culture supports user-generated comments and helps improve content maturity.


Peer to peer recommendations is the best source of engagement on the LMS. Team leaders can recommend courses and open content to their teams. Along with recommendations, assignments become an effective way of assigning learning to your team within a stipulated time frame if needed.


Comprehensive event management system lets people advertise, share and book learning events and even other events across the organization.

Enterprise Ready

Its imperative for any software to be Enterprise Ready to make sure it meets the requirements arising out of aspects like compliance, security and third-party integrations

White Labeling and Customisation

Vowel LMS is customized for you – so your learners see your branding when they use the LMS. The entire system can be white-labeled, making it an integral part of your organization’s network. Vowel LMS also integrates seamlessly with your existing ERP systems, allowing for single sign-on and becoming the training extension of your HRMS.


An extensive Rest-API to communicate with your learning portal and get the data you need.


Extensive reporting about everything within your eLearning environment. A timeline of all system actions for access to what happened, by whom and when. A reports generator to delve into details.

User Groups and Access Control

The in-built access control system allows creating various user groups. Groups can be created to restrict access to courses. This allows creating courses for a specific set of users eg: courses for top management. Using user groups, it is also possible to selectively enable or disable certain functionalities to a set of users.

Bulk Uploads and Mass actions

Minimize your administrative overhead with mass and automated actions. Most activities in the LMS have the facility of a bulk import. Using this it is possible to quickly enroll hundreds of users to courses or create training events en-mass.

Extensible Profiles

Add custom info fields to your user profiles or courses and enrich the details you collect and report upon.


Support for LDAP, SAML2 and Active directory. Available integrations with Okta and OneLogin identity management systems.


Vowel conforms to industry-standard needs on securing data and access. Data encryption, robust access control, TLS/SSL and stringent code checks ensure your learners’ information is protected. In case of video content, we also offer an additional Digital Rights Management (DRM, to be purchased additional)  system to protect your video content with Hollywood grade security so that content downloads are prevented.

AI-Based Personalised Learning

The Vowel Learning bot is a personal learning companion. Available on the website and the app*, learners can converse with the bot for their learning needs.
With an AI-powered backend, the bot learns from previous interactions and consistently improves the content and quizzes shown to the learners.
Based on the learner's interaction the bot is able to pick the most appropriate quiz or content to be watched by the learner. MCQ quizzes can also be directly answered in the bot.

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)

Support for the industry standards in content interoperability.


Assign certifications to courses. Define certificates to be given either on completing or passing the course. Certificates can be verified online.


Assign certifications to courses. Define certificates to be given either on completing or passing the course. Certificates can be verified online.


Segment your learning environment to branches. Each branch is like a separate installation with its own users, courses and theme.


Buy and consume from hundreds of premade courses on a vast variety of topics.

Course Marketplace

Buy and consume from hundreds of premade courses on a vast variety of topics.

About Vowel LMS

  • Vowel LMS is a flexible learning management tool that allows you the freedom to manage every form of learning within your organization – be it online, or in the classroom. Easily assign courses, track learner progress and view customized reports. Chart every user’s learning journey based on individual learning curves. Do so much more than you ever imagined!

    Vowel LMS is not only about training management - it opens up a whole new world for all your training needs! Upload any form of content, and Vowel LMS tracks it. Create courses using the easy to use course builder. Integrate social tools to provide holistic learning...

    Vowel LMS does much more than provide a learning platform - it facilitates pronounced learning.

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