Companies in the telecom sector face unique challenges due
to the scale, complexity and dynamic nature of the sector.
With rapid technology shifts, higher employee turnover and
a variety of product offerings that are always changing an
efficient ongoing training program is critical for companies
in this sector.

Telecom depends heavily on customer service and retention. Both are directly proportional to the training effectiveness.

Vowel offers a unique, flexible and lightweight training platform that makes it easy to roll out and keep your training program updated and available on the scale for everyone from customer support representatives to technicians across geographies and across devices.


Unique features that let you track and use any ready material as training content - be it Powerpoints, PDFs, YouTube Videos, Audio, interactive Learning or embeddable web links; means that creating training programs is a breeze. Inbuilt rapid content authoring gives your content creators speed when they need it.

Gamification & Social Learning features help you put your learning program on autopilot mode and exhaustive reporting means you can track how learning is happening in your organization. Vowel is not limited to tracking just elearning. You can track your offline classroom trainings as well as digital and blended learning all in one place!