About Vowel

VowelLMS makes learning easy and engaging. We break down the gaps between learners and learning facilitators. Powerful and easy to use, VowelLMS will help you create and deliver an impactful learning experience that helps learners to do their jobs better.

In today’s interconnected economy, responding to changing business needs is of paramount importance. Change needs a well orchestrated response.


VowelLMS is leading the way HR teams are deploying, managing and delivering learning across the world to performance and organisation wide learning experience. Learning happens when learners are involved. Empowering learners with information and answers just when they need it, can create an ecosystem that fosters growth. VowelLMS opens up a whole new world of possibilities, a world where businesses are able to deliver learning as a part of a broader talent and business strategy.


We Want To Impact Organisation Wide Performance By Improving The Effectiveness Of Employees and an extended enterprise.

We Want To Help Talent Thrive By Enabling Competencies

We Want To Correct The Talent Imbalance For The Future Of Work


Our Competency Management Framework impacts an organization as a whole and not just individual departments and silos.

Learning platform that attracts, develops and retains top talent impacting business outcomes and people productivity.

Learning has the potential to impact innovation because a skilled workforce is like a ready pool of employees who think quicker and take decisions faster


Proactive Confident Leaders Will Need A Competency Framework That Is Designed For The Future

Innovation & Agility Are The New Business Drivers

Modern Learning Needs A Modern Outlook


We want to impact organization wide performance by improving the effectiveness of employees.

We want to help talent thrive by enabling competencies

We want to correct the Talent imbalance for the future of work


Ajay Javdekar

Ajay Javdekar

Ajay has over 18 years of experience in introducing technology-enabled learning solutions across India, Europe, and the US. He co-founded Vowel, a learning technology company that offers a Learning Experience Platform and implementation services for corporate learning and he is also a Co-founder, Director at Aims Digital, a learning content development enterprise that helps fortune 500 customers build immersive content solutions for employee, customer, and partner training. He uses deep discovery methods to understand challenges in organisational learning while collaborating with the technology team to build learning solutions for the customers.

Parth Lawate

Parth Lawate

Parth is a self-taught technologist who learnt the building blocks of core software development. With over 12 years of experience in building technology solutions and products for organisations across the globe, he has a holistic view of how businesses work and where software can add value and help them scale. Parth possesses expertise in Business Analysis, Software Architecture, and Process Design; thus, he has been instrumental in designing the architecture of Vowel LMS. He has relentlessly contributed ideas on how to make the product more functional, and offer modular flexibility to scale to any size and offer a host of additional features.

Rahul Mali

Rahul Mali

Rahul is a detail-oriented workaholic with a flair for devising technology-based learning solutions for corporate learning. Rahul coordinates with global customers and loves designing and implementing cross cultural, platform-independent learning solutions. Quality and customer excellence rank high on Rahul’s list of priorities, and he undertakes various activities to instill the same vision among the team members. Rahul’s eye for detail and love for aesthetics has contributed in making Vowel LMS a user-friendly LMS. He is obsessed with usability and user experience, which translates to a passion for making products that are intuitive, power packed, and highly functional.

Ashwin Date

Ashwin Date

12+ years in building applications across technologies and sizes. He ensures that Vowel has the right mix of cutting edge and proven technologies to provide a smooth and stable product experience.

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