Innovation is driving change at a very fast pace. And as our environment changes our needs and priorities change. For long Products were marketed for their features and the benefits they offer. The features and the benefits were often tied to represent the feature benefit chart. In today’s context innovation is rapidly changing the features-benefits conversation.  Vowel’s Platform is packed with Features that offer you extensible benefits. Our features are technical aspects of our product, and the benefits Vowel offers are tied to why those features matter and how they matter. Scroll through to experience how Vowel heats up as a Blockbuster LMS. 

Learning Platform

A single robust cloud based platform to streamline all your learning needs – Elearning, classroom training, virtual classrooms, onboarding, on the job training and learning in the flow of work.

VowelLMS choreographs all learning activities, making it super easy for learning admins and managers to create, manage and track all forms of learning in one place.

Video Powered Learning

Skills and Competency Mapping

Learning Calendar Management

Learning Platform Management

Supports all Learning Standards

Learning Delivery Management


Learning Content Management

Virtual Classrooms
& Events

Bring all your learners together with virtual conferences and events. Expand your potential audience and integrate tools like Adobe & Zoom to conduct online webinars, events and workshops. 

All the virtual classroom sessions can be recorded and added to Vowell’s course Library. 

Schedule, Host, Deliver, Manage, Physical & Virtual Classroom Programs

Automate Attendance for your online and offline events

Supports Zoom, Adobe Connect, Jitsi & JAAS out of the box

Waiting lists for your popular trainings

Configure automated notifications and reminders of events on e-mails and SMS

Convert ELearning courses to Blended by adding Classroom sessions as a part of a course

Configure enrolment/nomination workflows and allows bulk enrolment

Record Virtual Classrooms for reuse and republish them in your learning calendar

AI ChatBot

Bring personalisation to your learning via our customized AI learning bots. Simulate live conversations and nudges by integrating assessments and learning content delivery via personalized chat workflows.

Conversational Learning​

Nudge your users towards success with personalised contextual messages and reminders

Skill Based Recommendations​

Customize your Bot tailoring to your need.

Learning delivered in a seamless conversational experience on the chatbot

Course completion history

Drive Learning with Social Gamification nudges

In chat assessments

& Content Authoring

Build, Deliver and track engaging interactive course material faster and easier with Vowel’s course builder. You can build your course by including your own content and external references like audio and video, in less than 10 minutes. 


Just, Drag, drop, paste, and go!

Allow easy to use Drag & Drop Authoring of responsive HTML Content

Integrated Enterprise Video Authoring tool

Supports standard elearning formats like SCORM and also allows uploading any HTML5 Content. Also allows integrating content from premium content sources via LTI.

Repurpose existing powerpoint, PDF, Word & XLS files as trackable learning content

Track time spent across content types & progress for most to get deep reporting & analytics

Create Blended learning by integrating Classroom training hosted on Zoom, Adobe Connect and more!

Ability to define prerequisites between content to create learning path

Managing & delivering large video files and supports live video creation

Social Learning
& Gamification

Learn along with your peers and through collaboration. To make social learning meaningful,  Vowel offers excellent Leader boards, Badges and insightful reports.

Integrated Social Network engine where learners can post, & comment

Reward points on completing courses and other activities

User Profile with display of Learning activities, Points, Badges


Sharing & Recommendations

Likes, Dislikes on Courses, Lessons and Events

Ability to create learning teams on specific topics and assign activities.

Support for Personal messages, Calendar and Discussion forums

& Quiz

Use our powerful built-in assessment engine and create assessments and quizzes to assess performance. 

Question Bank

Question Navigator for delivering large exams to flag and navigate questions

Rules based automated quiz generater

Image/Audio/Video Question/Answer Attachments


Question &
Answer Shuffle

Support for Objective as well as Subjective assessments

& Analytics

Vowel’s extensive reports offer powerful insights into your organisations learning and development.

A timeline of all system actions helps you get insights on the hows, whats and the whens? Use the in built reporting engine or ingest data into your data lake or BI platforms for ad hoc reporting.

Extensible reporting engine with ability customize columns shown, filter & sort.

20+ key reports out of the box, plus any kind of customized report can be built

Team reporting for managers

Reports available via APIs to consume in data lake or BI reporting tools

Rich Dashboards via Data Studio

Exports Reports in CSV for external consumption

Ready Features

Its imperative for any software to be Enterprise Ready to make sure it meets the requirements around compliance, security and third-party integrations. Vowel’s extensive APIs makes it easy to integrate it tightly into your enterprise.

White Labeling and Customisation according to your brand identity

Supports Single Sign on with Major systems like Active Directory, Octa, Office 365, GSuite and more.

Extensive Documented REST API for tight integration with your enterprise applications

Mobile app which supports iOS & Android

Industry standard security, robust access control & data encryption

Configurable adaptor for standard HRMS Integrations

User Groups &
Access control

E-commerce-ability to create and sell the courses in market place

Mobile first
Learner centric UX

Delight your users with interactive, responsive design that fits any device and operating system.


Our uber cool UI mesmerizes learners and gives them a Netflix type view of their Learning Platform.

Modern, Easy to use mobile first web interface

Users on boarding process – self and manual

Role based Access Control

Secure Authentication & Mass Enrolment

Personalized Dashboard

Notifications / Reminder mechanism (for defined events in platform)

Mass upload of users from CRM /HRM

Multi- Language support


The VowelLMS Platform unleashes a phenomenal learning experience because it consolidates all you learning needs in a single suite. From Gamification to Social and Microlearning to Online classes, we power it all on a single platform that will empower a new generation employees to career success and project success. Whether it is our in-built  integration with zoom or our smart AI chatbots, we customize personal learning experiences that engages learners and drives organization wide adoption. In the new world of work, talent challenges will continually evolve and in the context of evolution, your organization needs a partner that has deep expertise in the domain and the technology to deliver on learning and create engaging experiences that connects with the future of  our work. 

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Chatbots & More!

Built for
your Enterprise

Make It Yours

Access Controls



Single Sign On


API's, Integrations
& Standards





GDPR Compliant



Our USP’s

Any Content is made trackable learning content

Intelligent Integration with your Enterprise

Extreme Customisation possible

One platform for ILT, VILT & On Demand Elearning

Gamified Core with extensive reporting

Security & Data Privacy at Core

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