Six ways to ensure a successful launch of your eLearning Program

For organizations today, an effective eLearning program is one of the must-haves. Maintaining a competitive edge requires employees to possess the right skills plus up-to-date information.

As the business environment continues to grow more challenging by the year, LMS Training is critical for equipping employees to excel at their jobs, but it's important that your learning initiatives actually have impact.

These six steps can help you boost the chances of launching a successful eLearning program:

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Using Video to maximise learning impact

5 Ways Video Can Maximise Learning Impact

The biggest challenge in any learning process is learner engagement and motivation. eLearning is no different. Face it, nobody really likes to sit through static visual or text-only methods for hours trying to assimilate information that could or could not be put to use later.

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How to choose the right LMS

Is there a recipe for the optimum LMS?

Perhaps you already use a Learning Management System (LMS) and wish to understand how it can be improved. Or perhaps you are in the process of acquiring one, and want to make an informed decision.

Whatever the reason, if you’re reading this article, then you’re already one step closer to adding more impetus to your training exercises.

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