Introducing AI-Based Personalised Learning!

The Vowel Learning bot is a personal learning companion. Available on the website and the app*, learners can converse with the bot for their learning needs.

With a AI powered backend, the bot learns from previous interactions and consistently improves the content and quizzes shown to the learners.

Based on the learner's interaction the bot is able to pick the most appropriate quiz or content to be watched by the learner. MCQ quizzes can also be directly answered in the bot.

AI-Based Personalised Learning

White-label it, and make it yours!

Vowel LMS is customized for you – so your learners see your branding when they use the LMS. The entire system can be white-labeled, making it an integral part of your organization’s network. Vowel LMS also integrates seamlessly with your existing ERP systems, allowing for single sign-on and becoming the training extension of your HRMS.

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Gamification - games learners play

Vowel LMS supports gamification - awarding badges of achievement to motivate your learners to achieve more. Integration with social media tools enable learners to share their badges and compete with their peers. Earn brownie points with your learners!

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Course authoring has never been this easy!

All you need is your content – use our easy-to-use, drag & drop HTML5 course builder to create a course on-the-fly! When you want to deploy courses on Vowel LMS in a jiffy, you can be ready to go in just a few minutes. No technical knowledge required!

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SCORM, xAPI… and everything else!

Now, your eLearning courses no longer need to conform to any standards. If you already have SCORM or TinCan compliant content, great. If not, no worries! Vowel LMS is equally adept at tracking PowerPoint presentations, videos, audio tracks, documents and PDFs. So, whatever you have – just upload it and unleash it on your learners!

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An Assessment Engine that helps you drive learning and performance!

Use the built-in assessment engine and create assessments and quizzes to check on learner progress. Create question banks, draw questions from across question banks, and make each assessment or quiz a unique experience! You can even set the criteria you want to track, and define the learning next steps based on the assessment outcome.

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We’ve put in a lot of thought to make your LMS experience as intuitive as it can get – so you and your learners spend more time with the learning content, and less time trying to navigate around the system. And, the modular structure ensures that it’s not just what you see is what you get – it’s more what you WANT is what you get! Name it, and we will plug it in for you!