Does your LMS track on the job learning? featured image

Job training is a critical part of any new employee training program and it is where the majority of domain knowledge is imparted. No wonder why it is such a humongous task and requires trainers to put in the extra effort many times compromising on their own productive time. Surveys show many organizations lose high volumes of productive time of their highly skilled people during this period.

For a long, OJT has been regarded as a dreaded task by many, and at the same time, it is inevitable making it necessary for some intervention that not only makes it easy but also ensures knowledge retention is maintained. So what’s better than capturing a video of the OJT (that includes all the policy and procedures) using any handheld, distributing them, assessing the understanding through quizzes and assessment, and tracking the users’ activity at any given time all through your LMS.

In fact, tracking On the Job Learning has become a requisite for LMSes and is the identity of a comprehensive LMS and mark of customer centricity. Ensure your investment on LMS is worth by making sure On the Job Learning is tracked. After all, an LMS is of no use if it cannot track the most critical part of the training!

On the other hand, video-based learning has proven to increase knowledge retention manifolds than traditional methods and if it is made available to access at the learner’s convenience on any device, nothing like it. In short, video-based learning with tracking when used for OJT will help you in the following ways:

  1. Saves the precious productive time of your valuable resources
  2. Increases the knowledge retention of your learners
  3. You can do all the tracking of learning progress at your convenience
  4. Reduce efforts considerably
  5. Content available for anytime access