Information Technology, Software & KPOs

Information Technology, Software
& KPOs

In an ever changing landscape where Knowledge
is what companies in this industry sell,
the lack of it can put them out of business.

This industry is all about speed and
when it comes to training, it's no different!

For these companies, training cannot be a secondary or tertiary aspect. This is a sector that is continuously evolving with new technologies, new processes, best practices and innovations being introduced every few months if not years. 

The need for this industry is speed. With training needs evolving so fast, they need to be able to rapidly create and deliver content. By Democratising content creation across levels, allowing curation of existing content across formats like YouTube, Powerpoints, PDFs as well as traditional formats like SCORM Vowel takes the pain out of learning management. Plus Vowel’s classroom training module allows the creation of instructor-led training (ILT) and also allows for creating Blended courses. 

Tight integration with other systems like Google Suite, Microsoft AD, Octa for Single Sign-on as well as HRMS means that training is a core part of the organization literally available on tap.